UWC eResearch Office

UWC's eResearch Office

The eResearch Office (ERO), part of the DVC's Office for Research & Innovation - http://research.uwc.ac.za - promotes the use of advanced information technologies to foster better, faster and higher-impact research practices. More specifically, the eResearch Office:

•Advises researchers about their data analysis needs

•Coordinates Data Intensive Research Activities on campus

•Organises data analysis courses following the https://carpentries.org approach

•Provides shared research computing infrastructure http://docs.meerkat.uwc.ac.za/

•Facilitates UWC’s access to regional and national computing infrastructure such as http://www.ilifu.ac.za and https://www.chpc.ac.za

This web site (as well the office itself) is currently being set up, in the meantime you can get in touch with the office by writing to eresearch-office@uwc.ac.za