UWC eResearch Office

Research today is increasingly data-driven, and researchers in all fields require new skills in order to be able to manage their data effectively. This needs to happen throughout the research lifecycle, thus producing better, faster and higher-impact research. UWC Researchers can find resources and build solutions for their research data management needs with the help of the eResearch Office.

eResearch has the potential to accelerate research outputs and enhance UWC’s research agenda. However, this will not happen without the fostering of a surrounding culture of digital scholarship at UWC. A strong eResearch capability at a university makes that institution more competitive, and the UWC eResearch Office is committed to developing best practices in research data management. eResearch is also crucial to drive the Open Access agenda, which is relevant to UWC’s history of opposing inequalities in higher education.

The UWC eResearch Office is part of UWC‘s DVC Research and Innovation Office working in close collaboration with UWC Library Sevices, is responsible for providing guidance as well as advocacy and capacity building to support good practices in research data management across the university. This is also done with support from UWC Information and Communication Services (ICS)