The UWC eResearch Office is a partner in the REDCap Consortium, and UWC researchers can benefit from the broad range of data collection functionality that REDCap offers. At its most simple, REDCap is a web-based interface that empowers researchers to take control of their data collection work. Find out more about REDCap here.

REDCap is an application that was originally created in 2004 to support a small group of clinical researchers who needed a secure data collection tool (that met HIPAA compliance standards). The REDCap Consortium was launched in 2006, and today it is used as a secure method of flexible yet robust data collection by thousands of researchers at institutions around the world. REDCap is a neutral data collection platform, able to capture any type of data, for any purpose.

To access REDCap, go to and use your UWC network credentials (i.e. the same username/password you would use to access iKamva).

UWC-Specific FAQs

Are all UWC students and staff members able to create a REDCap Profile?

Yes, as long as the user has a (staff) or (students) account, they will be able to create a REDCap profile by logging in with their UWC network credentials at

Are my REDCap credentials the same as my UWC network (i.e. iKamva) Credentials?

Yes, they are, since REDCap uses UWC network crecredentials (i.e. username and password). UWC network passwords can be reset at

How do I add a user to REDCap who is external to UWC?

External users can collaborate on UWC’s REDCap system, but they need to be added to the system first. UWC REDCap Existing Project Owners should contact the eResearch support team with the details (including the e-mail address) of the external collaborator.

Only UWC users can create/manage/own a project and they are responsible for external users where needed. Once a project is created, and the additional user has been added to the system, the owner will be able to add users to their project.

Can I move my REDCap project to production before I have received approval from the necessary Research Ethics Committee (BMREC etc)?

No – each researcher is responsible for ensuring that their research project has received ethical clearance before moving the project to production.

In the case of a BMREC (Biomedical Research Ethics Committee), the researcher in charge of the project would be responsible to ensure that a BMREC number is captured for a project once it transitions from an operational database to research.

Go to REDCap UWC’s Help & FAQ to ask more specific questions, or to’s FAQs for general information.