Training and the Carpentries

Developing a community of practice around good Research Data Management practises is a priority for the UWC eResearch Office. We host workshops and seminars/webinars to support our researchers with the challenges faced throughout the lifecycle of their research data.


UWC eResearch Office started a Carpentries Working Group at UWC which aims to adopt and popularize the Carpentries approach to research data management. The Carpentries comprises an active diverse and global community and “teaches foundational coding, and data science skills to researchers worldwide.”1 At its heart is a commitment to using open-access and freely available tools to teach different skills, including but not limited to data cleaning, data analysis and data publication.

By building a community of practice amongst researchers, the Carpentries “builds global capacity in essential data and computational skills for conducting efficient, open, and reproducible research”2.

The UWC Carpentries Working Group provides a platform to recruit instructors and assistants for Carpentries courses across campus, and organised 2 workshops in 20193, with more to follow in the future. 

Read more about the Carpentries in Africa here and find out more about how you can become involved here.

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